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Accommodation Management System

Be in control of your inventory. Track incoming orders, outgoing items and never run out of stock again.

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Codevertics web development

Streamline Your Accommodation Business

AMS offers bespoke solutions that can cater for every aspect of your accommodation business.

Our product features include:

  • Direct Website Bookings
  • Booking Management
  • Enquiries Management
  • E-Marketing of your company
  • Room Management
  • Central Calendars
  • Employee Management
  • Digital Documents
  • Custom Reports
  • Keys Tracking
  • Mobile Inspections
  • Insurances & Risk Management
  • Customer Account App

Increase Your Accommodation Bookings:

Direct bookings from your website, saving you 3rd party costs

We will get your business online:

  • Make your accommodation services more searchable with keyword and marketing assistance
  • Encourage bookings with a user-friendly website that makes it easy for your customers
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Make Bookings Simple: AMS Complete Booking Management System

Keep your customers from looking elsewhere by streamlining the booking process – make it easy:

  • Customers can make an enquiry quickly and easily
  • Have an online booking engine built in to your website
  • Allow customers to pay online for a deposit or full amount via the website

Keep track of all your bookings effortlessly:

  • Connect your management system directly to 3rd party booking platforms such as Expedia and
  • Bookings made on these platforms can land directly into your own system

A long term solution: AMS provides this system at an affordable price with no commission for the bookings you make.

Bring in New Customers Every Day of the Week.

  • Let us increase your bookings through e-marketing tools including Google and Facebook.
  • Link room availability to your social media
  • Raise customer awareness of your Accommodation Business: We would take the time to understand your challenges, create a tailored marketing campaign and manage your social media presence, this could include:
    • Business page creation on social media
    • Unique weekly posting
    • Content & Graphic creation for posts
    • Page management
    • Marketing progress reports
  • Website optimisation, increase enquiries and bookings
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Response Manager

Never lose a conversation with a potential enquiry because it is lost in someone’s mail box.

With a central response manager, all enquiries correspondence is done from a central dashboard so any of your team members can respond and view previous conversations.

Manage Room Prices Effectively

  • You have complete flexibility for applying discounts and pricing directly from the system.
  • Our system can automatically apply discounts for people such as if they book long term.
  • The system automatically updates the website and other booking systems. 
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Improve Resident Engagement: Branded Customer App

We will generate your own customised, branded App for your residents.

This allows your customers to:

  • Request maintenance and supplies.
  • Access local promotions for deals, restaurants and bars.
  • For high-end customers you can offer a virtual butler.
  • Self-service saves your staff administrative time

Online Payments Made Efficient

With our integrated payment system, your residents can make a quick payment online that is sent directly to your bank account:

  • Residents can make regular payments from their app and download their statements.
  • You can offer in app purchases for added extras such as local products, laundry and bedding products.
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Increase Occupancy with Diary Management System

  • Conveniently manage, edit and control room bookings on a central calendar.
  • Integrated with your website, online booking system and social media.
  • Maximise room usage and ensure all your staff can quickly access your accommodation availability.

Stay in Control: Room Management

Never lose an enquiry because you don’t know what state a room is in. With room management built in to your central diary, you can track all rooms, maintenance and repairs on a single dashboard.

Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Digitise Your Contracts & Agreements

With AMS you can produce, print, download or send any document electronically. Including:

  • Tenancy agreements
  • Inventory checklists
  • Guarantor forms
  • House rules
  • Gym registration
  • License agreements
  • Reference forms
  • Contracts
  • Letters

Save Time & Access Information Easily:

  • Automatic Booking confirmation
  • Deposit information
  • Deposit management
  • Avoid no shows
  • Central Contacts database for everyone
  • Automated Invoices and bills
  • Maintenance requests and status
  • Compliance, health & safety, fire safety checks

Easy Repair Management: Save Time, Effort & Money:

  • Tenants report repairs 24/7; adding photos or videos of the issue.
  • Repairs can be assigned to your staff or be tendered out to contractors via the App.
  • Everyone can be notified when the issue is fixed and receive an update with photo evidence.
  • Get reminders when items need to be checked such as fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Increased Customer Satisfaction with Consistent Checks

Ensure quality & consistency for everything that is done with our enhanced Checklist App. Use existing checks available or create your own checks to suit your needs.

  • Housekeeping preliminary checks
  • Inventory checklists
  • Proactive and reactive maintenance checks
  • Cleaning checks
  • Compliance checks
  • Opening & closing checks
  • Daily checks e.g. replenishments
  • Staff training videos within the checklists so they know how to carry out every job consistently well.

All checks are compiled in a pdf report and relevant people are notified of any actions that need to be taken.

Asset Management: Manage Your Fixed & Rotational Assets More Efficiently

Fixed Assets

  • Tag your fixed assets with QR Codes or RFID Tags.
  • Tenants can scan QR codes to report faults.
  • Engineers can scan to check an asset’s repair history.
  • Asset managers can analyse repair trends, common issues and keep spare parts in stock.

Rotational Assets:

  • Check your rotational assets in and out using QR codes.
  • In a single view, see what’s due to be returned.
  • Text reminders sent to people who’ve not returned loaned assets.

Your Own QR Codes on the go

  • No more waiting for 3rd party suppliers to provide you the asset tags.
  • Our asset management App comes with a portable battery powered Bluetooth QR code printer.
  • Print QR codes for the assets while on the move.

RFID & GPS Asset tags

  • We can link RFID tags to assets too.
  • Instead of scanning a physical tag, simply walk within the RFID operating range to detect what assets are within the reach.
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Keys Management: Organise your keys and know who has them.

Managing keys can be hard. If you are tired of losing keys, of reputation-damaging lock replacements or embarrassing mistakes, we can provide the perfect solution and save you time and money. Our Keys Management App helps you to organise.

  • Assign QR codes to your keys
  • Print your own key tags with your own QR code printer
  • Scan keys in and out
  • Automatic SMS and email reminders when keys are not returned.

You Do

  • Never miss an important a piece of communication being passed between your staff working on different shifts.
  • You Do is a mobile application developed for managing team activities and assigning tasks to one or more team members who will be responsible for that task.
  • Each department can assign each other tasks and pass on information easily to ensure nothing is lost in handovers.
  • Stop having to chase progress:
    The status of every task is recorded on the App so no requests are lost or forgotten. Tasks can be easily prioritised; everyone knows what needs to be completed first.
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Engage with Your Tenants: Central Activity Calendar

Organise and manage events with a communal room booking calendar:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Activity rooms
  • Activities calendar
  • Gym classes

Central WhatsApp and Text Messaging for Business

From a central dashboard and system, you can now respond to bookings, enquiries or increase tenant and resident engagement.

  • Respond to incoming bookings and enquires
  • Check in and check out guests
  • Respond to special requests 
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Affordable Facial Recognition Attendance & Rota System

Gone are the days of sinking time into paper-based rotas. Our simple staff management system instantly provides you with the full picture.

  • With facial recognition software your staff can clock in and out easily, see personal notes you have left for them and track if they are early or late.
  • Staff can also check in and out by sharing their location through the app.
  • Automatic Scheduling: You can create weekly schedules that take into account your staff, their preferred hours & roles.
  • Link attendance information to your payroll systems.

Efficient HR & Employee Management

  • Track your employee attendance, holidays and breaks.
  • Quickly access HR information from anywhere: job role, line manager, payroll details, breaks, employment contracts & emergency contacts.
  • Keep track of staff training
  • Generate employment contracts
  • Working Hours
  • Create custom induction checks based on job role
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Stay in Control: Manage Your Stock Efficiently

With our Stock Management system QR technology, you can check stock in and out efficiently and track your stock in real time. Ensure you are never left short of what you need, such as cleaning materials and replenishments.

Make Informed Decisions About Your Accommodation Business: Generate Custom Reports

Make sense of your data: select which module you want to generate a report from, defining your specific conditions and automatically generate a pdf.

  • Reports on enquiries and quotes
  • Track sales insight
  • Revenue & sales reports on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Daily reservation reports
Codevertics web development
Codevertics web development

Be Safe: Covid-19

  • Avoid unnecessary paper & contact: digitise and streamline your business
  • Check your business compliance with the latest government rules and regulations
  • Keep your staff in line with protocol using customised checklists